Being a Veteran is more than just a title – It’s something that is deeply ingrained into every part of who we are – it’s a way of life. The bond that is formed through service cannot be broken – nor is it confined to those you served directly with. It is our mission at All Things Veteran to bring together and strengthen this veteran community for all of its members.
Our love of country and service extends far beyond our years of active military duty. As the saying goes: you can take the veteran out of the military but you cannot take the military out of the veteran.

All things Veteran is committed to helping maintain that veteran community – far beyond military orders. A place where vets can come to interact, educate themselves, find resources, and share their patriotism.

It is our hope that All Things Veteran will become a beacon in the veteran community – a place of strength and unity.

The experiences you share can lift an unknown soldier in ways you will never know or understand.

This organization will also provide insight for the non-veteran community as they seek to better understand the service of our veterans. These non-veteran patriots and the support they give to our vets is appreciated and invaluable.

As Claudia Pemberton stated, “America without her soldiers would be like God without His angels.”

It is because of those who have served that we can wake up each morning a free people.