We recently connected with a new veteran organization that we are really excited about.

As you know, our purpose with starting All Things Veteran was to hep get resources into the hands of our veterans who need it most.

A new organization we want to share with you and bring to your attentions is: Backpacks For life.

This organization prides itself on bringing a customary approach to veterans in need. This organization was started in 2014 by Brett D’alessandro and Alexa Modero.

After returning from a 7-month deployment, Brett realized first-hand how hard it is to assimilate back into society. Shortly after returning, he had an interaction with a homeless veteran on the streets of Rhode Island.

Seeing the struggles this homeless veteran was having, Brett supplied him with a backpack full of essentials. This was the beginning of Backpacks for Life.

This interaction sparked inside Brett a strong desire to do more for those in need.  

Their trademark offering is a backpack they offer for homeless or at-risk veterans – called the Bowery Pack.

They designed this pack so it will survive the toughest conditions.

Here is a great video that shows the functionality and mission behind this pack. 

For every one you buy, they give one pack to a veteran in need. Their goal is to make sure EVERY veteran that needs one is able to get it. For every-day consumers, these packs are great for hiking, backpacking, hunting – or whatever your need may be. 

And the best part is that your purchase helps support a veteran in need.

Their reach also extends beyond the Bowery Pack. They have helped many veterans with a list of items, including: HVAC, suits, tires, etc.

They are all-in when it comes to giving back to this amazing community. To date, they have handed out over 5,600+ backpacks.

You can visit their site here,  Or get involved on their Facebook page.

This is an organization that is doing a great deal to help our vets, so please send their message along.